Business hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM.

Offices are closed on Holidays

Phone: 715-442-2461

Due to the health hazard of Coronavirus and based upon advisory updates from the League of Municipalities; until further notice, the Village of Pepin must postpone committee and other meetings that are open to the public. The Village is unable to allow more than 10 people in the Village Municipality Building. In addition, the Village does not have the capability to allow the public to join meetings from remote areas via telephone, internet or any other system. There is no requirement that committee meetings be held in the Village Municipal Building. However please note the use of other space must be accessible for handicap plus a need to allow remote access from both public and committee members. Currently, the Village of Pepin is not declaring an Emergency, but we need to be proactive. Kindly remember many of our residents are elderly and highly susceptible to the virus. The Village is taking this step to help protect the public and employees. The Village will remain open, but we ask your awareness and not visit if sick.

Bill Wroblewski; Village President

Village of Pepin and Coronavirus Status Weekly Update AS OF 3.31.20

Election remains scheduled for Tuesday, April 7. Discussion on rescheduling continues in Madison-but, as of March 31-no change. Village polling hours remain 7am-8pm at the Municipal Building. Hand sanitizer is available. Please note-entry into the voting area will be limited. As a voter leaves, another will be admitted. There is still time for Absentee Balloting. To date, 100 residents have voted with an Absentee Ballot. Call the Village 715-442-2461, Maggie and Missy are there to help.

With the weather getting warmer, if you go for a walk, plan ahead. Public Restrooms in the Park and at the Sportsman dock are closed. Sorry fisherman, the fish cleaning station is also closed. The Park can be used for walking, but not as a family outing using benches and grills. The playground is to be avoided. Kids playing will attract more kids and this virus does attack kids. Be careful, keep 6 ft. distance if you see fellow walkers.

The Village Board will meet Monday, April 13 at 7pm. The Village will be using Zoom; this is the same system the school and churches use. Telephone numbers and passcode will be included in the board meeting agenda. The agenda will be posted in town and on the web site. It will be limited due to time allotted.

PACC sponsored Easter Egg Hunt will be postponed due to the restrictions on people gathering.

The Village Municipal Building remains open with both Maggie and Missy available to help.

Finally, EMT’s, Pepin Fire Department and Chief Van Alstine are on call when needed. Frustration with staying at home will grow, but the virus death total continues to climb. The virus is looking for you to be a host. Don’t let it in; Stay Safer at Home.

Bill Wroblewski




EFFECTIVE 3/31/2020

 Due to the threat of COVID19 Pandemic and concerns for the safety of the emergency responders, effective immediately the Pepin Fire Dept. has implemented a fire ban in the Village of Pepin until further notice.

No burning of debris piles and yard waste.

No use of burn barrels.

No burning off grass and wooded areas.

Small campfires for warming or cooking will be permitted.

Burning debris in a campfire ring is NOT considered a campfire.

Ted Fenstermacher

Fire Chief

Golf Cart Tags Are Here

Golf Cart Tag

The operation of GOLF CARTS is allowed in the Village of Pepin. ANNUAL REGISTRATION is required.  Contact the Clerk's office for application and further information, or click the link to the ordinance and application form.  Print and mail with your check, put in drop box, or stop in the Pepin Municipal Building office.