Business hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM.

Offices are closed on Holidays

Phone: 715-442-2461

Due to the health hazard of Coronavirus and based upon advisory updates from the League of Municipalities; until further notice, the Village of Pepin must postpone committee and other meetings that are open to the public. The Village is unable to allow more than 10 people in the Village Municipality Building. In addition, the Village does not have the capability to allow the public to join meetings from remote areas via telephone, internet or any other system. There is no requirement that committee meetings be held in the Village Municipal Building. However please note the use of other space must be accessible for handicap plus a need to allow remote access from both public and committee members. Currently, the Village of Pepin is not declaring an Emergency, but we need to be proactive. Kindly remember many of our residents are elderly and highly susceptible to the virus. The Village is taking this step to help protect the public and employees. The Village will remain open, but we ask your awareness and not visit if sick.

Bill Wroblewski; Village President

Village of Pepin and Coronavirus Status Weekly Update AS OF 5.25.20

Over the weekend, I was asked about rummage & garage sales. Pepin County advised: you want to protect yourself and family. Wear face mask, keep the 6ft social distancing, and avoid direct contact when collecting. So, YES, garage and/or rummage sales are allowed in the Village of Pepin.

The Village office will probably reopen Monday; June 1, 2020. Plexiglas is being installed at the front desk. We encourage you to wear facemask when coming to the office. Normal hours will resume with the opening (Monday – Friday 8 am thru 4 pm).

If you have not read the Courier-Wedge, there is an article about the winery offering a community garden. It is east of town adjacent the vines on the south side of Hwy 35. The area is fenced, and water is available. You need to contact Julianne Dahlen at 612-803-0025. Last count was 5 plots taken, unknown how many are left.

On the June 8th the village board may discuss:

Hot Air Balloon

Music in the Park

Expand outdoor dining

Please check the agenda (posted June 5) for Zoom meeting instructions and agenda changes.

Hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day. Not quite the same, but hopefully next year will be better. Laura Days has been cancelled due to the virus. The virus continues to be active, protect yourselves and family. Pepin Lions calendars are coming next week. Pick up your free calendar at E&S; Bank of Alma, Co-Op and BP. Donation envelopes provided.

This is the last COVID-19 Status Update unless something happens to change the outlook. Be careful, maintain social distancing, and enjoy the day.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to Maggie, Missy, Aaron, Mike, Jessie, all the EMT's and the Fire Department for their efforts during this time. It is not over-cases are increasing across many states, so be careful.

While the Village Building remains closed, all employees continue their work to serve the Village. If you need information or assistance, contact them by e-mail or

telephone (715) 442-2461.

Contact information is:



Aaron  Cell - 715-495-7105

Mike  Cell - 715-495-6221

Pepin Ambulance

Pepin Fire Department

Chief Van Alstine 

EMERGENCY call 911

NON-EMERGENCY call Pepin County Dispatch at 715-672-5944

Bill Wroblewski




Golf Cart Tags Are Here

Golf Cart Tag

The operation of GOLF CARTS is allowed in the Village of Pepin. ANNUAL REGISTRATION is required.  Contact the Clerk's office for application and further information, or click the link to the ordinance and application form.  Print and mail with your check, put in drop box, or stop in the Pepin Municipal Building office.

Mobile or Temporary Restaurant Application

Mobile or Temporary Restaurant Application updated may, 2020.pdf