S. O. S.!!!!! SAVE OUR SEWERS!!!

S. O. S.!!!!! SAVE OUR SEWERS!!!

There have been several instances in the past couple of years where sewer mains and/or residential sewer lines have been plugged and have backed up into basements, requiring professional cleaning out. The main culprit has been disposable wipes and rags which can snag on any obstruction in the sewer line. Unfortunately, disposable means throw away, not flushable. While discussing the issue with our engineers, they said that the wipes will not dissolve, but instead, unravel much like a sweater would, creating long strands of the fabric that will catch on any imperfection or obstruction in the sewer lines and mains. Tiny little tree roots infiltrate sewer lines and mains at any joint opening. The tiny roots grow and the small threads in the wipes snag and wrap around the tree roots, causing an obstruction in the sewer line.  

The Village of Pepin hires a professional cleaning company to clean a portion of the Village sewer mains each year on a rotational basis. We spend thousands of dollars each year to try to keep our sewer system problem free but we can't do it without your help. We understand the occasional toy or object will accidentally be flushed into the system and may cause a problem. That's life and we can't control that.  What we can do is control what we purposely put down the sewer.

PLEASE do not flush any kind of rags, cloths or wipes, personal or otherwise, down the toilet.  It may come back! 

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