Your Village Government

Village Government

The Village Board

Pepin is one of 395 villages in Wisconsin. We use the president-village board form of government. Our board has seven members who serve terms of two years. To serve on the board a person must be at least 18 years of age, a US citizen and a resident of the Village of Pepin, Wisconsin.

Current members are:

Village President; Bill Wroblewski  715-442-9037 

Board Members; 

  • Carrie Arens         715-442-8360
  • Rob Buntz             612-599-2757
  • Damon Ellison       608-239-9928
  • Randy Kallstrom    715-402-0022
  • Mike Michaud        651-380-3522
  • Shannon Van Allen  715-505-0603

  • Clerk                                  Maggie Schruth          715-442-2461 ext: 10
  • Treasurer                           Melissa Murray           715-442-2461 ext: 11
  • Street Superintendent        Aaron Kallstrom          715-495-7105 cell
  • WWTP Operator                Mike Schultz               715-495-6221 cell
  • Attorney                             Jon Seifert:                  715-672-8938
  • Zoning Administrator          Roy Forsstrom           715-448-0547 
  • Assessor, Adam Kremer    Appraisal Services      715-834-1361

Village Administration and Staff

The Village Clerk and Treasurer are appointed by the Village Board and serve as Administrative Assistants to the Board.

The Clerk and Treasurer maintain all Village Board minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, leases, records and agreements. In addition to record keeping duties, the Clerk and Treasurer maintain the Village calendar, schedule appointments, supervise Municipal elections, provide educational training and serve as a liaison between the public and elected officials.

Our Mission is to provide reliable, responsive and quality services that enhance the safety, livability and prosperity of our community.